I'm a Love Bug!

HI everyone - Thanks for coming back and visiting!

Did you bring treats? No…. oh, well. You can read anyways!

Cause, I do kinda love everybody. And I definitely love those who show me attention!!  I am not sure if it is a rule at Puppy Riot (it should be), but I try really hard to make sure that everyone who works here takes breaks to admire me. They do tell me there are some workplace rules like no nibbling or farting on co-workers, but there is only so much a little Boston terrier can do!

When Mom isn’t calling me Stinky, she calls me her Love Bug or Mama’s Boy.  I like those names, because they often come with cuddles, treats or being able to sit in to her lap. Her lap is the best place to over see production since I can watch the computer and the embroidery machines. Someone has to do the quality control! 

I have a great butt wiggle to show off my joy and love  which (should I reveal… well, you wont tell anyone, right?) sometimes ends in me giving big sloppy kisses. 👅 

How do you show your Hoomans that you love them? Are your Hoomans going to dress you up for Valentine's day? Mom is thinking of dressing me up in a bandana and a bowtie, because I am an extra special boy!

Next time I will tell you all about my favourite…. 


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