Earl Dee Snider

A well dressed and very opinionated Boston Terrier

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Hi!  I’m Earl. 

Okay, maybe you already know that cause my Mom makes me scarves with my name on them and I make them look good.  So perhaps I should tell you that my full name is Earl Dee Snider.  

I decided that for too long hoomans have been talking about dogs and I think we should talk about them.  Okay, really... I just want to talk about me, because I am a very very very good boy.

Really, just ask me. 

If you ask Mom, she might have other things to say… depending on the day, time and whether or not I have decided that production at Puppy Riot MUST stop so I can show everyone how brilliant I am.  

I am a Boston Terrier; which kinda means a small dog with a rather big attitude (in some hooman’s terms - though not mine). Really, I am perfectly sized (I could put a period after that) But okay... you could say I am perfectly sized for snuggling and curling up right beside you, or running and jumping and playing with my favourite toys (more about that later), …. Or most importantly I am the perfect size for kissing folks.  

Also, I am 2.5 years old which means I know everything. 

JUST ask me.  

Actually, you don't need to since I will tell you about everything I know over the next little while. I am looking forward to introducing you to my playmates, my favourite wardrobe items, my toys, my favourite walkies, and all my brilliant ideas about how puppies should be the focus of many special days and of all the things!     

Speaking of special days, my birthday is September 17th, if you need to start your planning on how to celebrate me.  
Talk to you soon! 


P.S. I love giving kisses sooooo much! Mom says it is hard to get a picture with my tongue in my mouth. 👅


Dear Earl
I am still missing some socks.

Stef January 03, 2022

Love the little side tooth!

Esther January 03, 2022

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