Room for tying has been taken into account and the inch range in the sizing refers to the animal's neck size. The inch range listed is the ideal range, all sizes will fit an inch or so on either side. If you need a custom size for extremely large, extremely short dogs, etc, please contact me. 

If you are undecided between sizes, it is always best to size up. If it is too big, you can always roll/fold before tying and tie it tighter for a perfect fit!

Sizes in metric:
Size XS - 12 to 18cm
Size A - 18 to 25 cm
Size A/B - 25 to 30 cm
Size B - 30 to 35 cm
Size B/C - 35 to 43 cm
Size C - 43 to 48 cm
Size C/D - 48 to 56 cm
Size D - 56 to 64 cm

Snap Add-on: This add-on does not change the sizing. The bandanas are still meant to be tied and then snapped for extra security. If wanting to use the snap in lieu of tying, please size down 2 to 3 sizes.