A Local Dog-Lover’s Guide for Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

Dartmouth DOgs!

A Local Dog-Lover’s Guide for Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Hi! It is me Earl’s mom, Heather! 

Life in the dark-side is anything but as far as doggos are concerned! Dartmouth has tons to do and many pet-friendly areas to visit with your special pup! I’ve put together a quick list of my 3 absolute favourite dog-friendly places around Dartmouth, in case you need some new ideas for local adventures!

Fisherman's Cove

Eastern Passage

A local gem is Fisherman's Cove and McCormacks Beach in Eastern Passage. It is absolutely one of our all-time favourite doggie hangouts! 

This location is great for taking walks. But, don’t forget to bring dog treats and a camera! The colourful buildings, the fishing wharf, the 1 km nature boardwalk, and beach area offers a mixture of settings for all your doggie photo needs! I guarantee you can find a setting here that best reflects your dog's personality!

Evening walkies and photoshoots are particularly great here! The sun sets in just the right spot to make sure your dog sparkles! 


Dartmouth Crossing

Big Box Stores that are doggie friendly!

Shopping is so much better when you can bring your dog! Dartmouth Crossing has many stores that happily welcome dogs. 

This is a particularly great place for socializing young puppies! In the first 16 weeks of a pup's life it is super important to expose them to as many positive experiences as possible! When Earl was a wee pup we would go shopping in Dartmouth Crossing at least 2 or 3 times a week, and even now, we regularly go there to work on his training and of course, to shop! 

The village in Dartmouth Crossing is also a great area to walk and window shop! It has a village feel and there is a small little nature area and amphitheatre that is fun to explore! Did you also know there was a way into Shubie Park from here? If not, you and your pup might want to pick up some shoobie snaxs at Planet Paws and check it out! 

Dartmouth Commons

A quiet peaceful park with an off-leash dog area in the heart of downtown! 

It’s always nice to change up your scenery from time to time! Last year Earl and I decided to add this park to our walkie rotation. We discovered it really is a local jewel for the variety it offers in all seasons!  

We enjoy the blossoming trees, the steep hills, the wild gardens, and the view at the top is amazing! Earl, of course, is a big fan of the off-leash section where he can usually find another doggie friend to play with!  And after walking up the hill a couple of times, you can always find a nice peaceful place to rest either on a landscaped ledge, the gazebo, city bench or perhaps a blanket on the well maintained grass! 

What are your favourite doggie loving spots in Dartmouth? We would love to know as we are always looking to add places to our walkie rotation! 



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